Push The Deals


‘Push The Deals’  is a FREE iPhone/iPad App that helps find the best online and in-store deals. Loads of deals site to choose from. Just add them to your list and see all their latest deals. Using push notification you can be the first one to know about the new deals.

Download from the App Store using the below link :

App Store Link

Adding new deal site regularly.(suggest us more and we will add immediately)

Deal Sites include:




got apex
Free Stuff Times

Wow Coupons

Quickly look at all the deals. If you like a deal, select it and see its details.








Can move to the next and previous deals of the site easily. Purchases can be made form with in the App.








Email deals you like to friends.







New feature to search for keywords for all the deal sites . No more going through the entire list to find what you need.




Enable push notification for a given site, to be the first one to know about new deals.



Suggest a new shopping site and we will add it.





Download from the App Store using the below link :

App Store Link

Recent features added:

1. Share deals with friends on facebook, twitter, by email or sms.
2. Print and bookmark deals.
3. Refresh All for feeds.
4. Landscape mode for the entire app.
5. Mark all read for all deals.


Happy Shopping!!!!


VirtualDrums on App Store


Our app VirtualDrums is now available on App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch. You can look at the description and download the App by clicking the below link:


(You need iTunes/App Store to view/download the App)

Its a free App so check it out. VirtualDrums app lets you play all the instruments of a basic drum kit by swinging the iPhone/iPod Touch like a drum stick. Select the instrument you would like to play from the list and swing the iPhone/iPod Touch to play the instrument. Once the instrument is selected its image is displayed below the list. Instructions of how to play along with an image of how to hold the iPhone/iPod Touch is given in the information page of the application. Video Demonstration will be posted soon. Screenshots of the App given below:

For more information on a similar project on SunSPOTs please visit:

Virtual Drums Using SunSPOTs

Top 12 iPhone Applications

Most of the applications need you to jailbreak your iPhone except the ones available on App Store.

1. SBSetting: Do you ever feel like changing something in your settings while you are working on another application? Dont you hate quitting the application just to make a small change like enabling the WiFi or change the auto lock ability. Then SBSetting is for you. Its the next level BossPref. It gives you the ability to access all the features of BossPref just by sliding your finger over the top status bar. So you can quickly change the setting and go back to your application. Available on Cydia/Installer.

2. IM+ Lite: After almost an year of searching i found a chat client while works with tzone. I haven’t tried the Pro version but if you want a basic client which does not drain too much of your battery like Safari you should download this. The app is available on the App Store. It supports Gmail, Yahoo etc.

3. MxTube: Lets you download YouTube video. Its very easy to use and the video quality is awesome. Available on Cydia and Installer.

4. Fring: You can chat and make VoIP calls to your Skype, MSN, ICQ, SIP and Google Talk friends. You can also chat with your Twitter, Yahoo and AIM friends. Now available on App Store. One of the few applications which went legal and is still free.

4. Nimbuzz: Chat, make VoIP calls to your Skype, Gtalk, Yahoo, MSN etc. friends. The voice quality on the calls is good and there is no lag. Install VoIPover3G to make calls over 3G. I am assuming with a AT&T 3G you would not have any lags. Much better than Fring in terms of lag and voice quality. Available on App Store.  VoIPover3G is available on Cydia.

5. Finder: Similar to Finder on Mac, it gives you a GUI to cut/copy/paste files, manipulate folders and even run a file with a given application.

6. Winterboard: When the developers Summerboard on iphone 1.x decided not to port it to 2.x, winterboard came to the rescue. Its Gui is not as impressive as Summerboard, but the features available are almost the same. You can change wallpapers, lock screen, battery, icons etc. You can have a video wallpaper, rotating wallpaper or you own picture as wallpaper. Be careful it makes iPhone slow. But a good theme changes the appearance of your iPhone. Available on Cydia and Installer.

7. Netatalk: This application helps you display the contents of your iPhone on Finder in Mac. You can use either the mobile user account or the root account on your iPhone(default password for both is alpine which you can change in terminal). You don’t need to install SSH on your iphone. Once you connect your iPhone to your Mac and connect your iPhone to a wireless network, the name of your iphone will appear on the sidebar of the Finder. Click on Connect As and provide the username and password. Once connected you can see the contents of your iPhone. I use Netatalk to copy new ringtones, MxTube downloaded videos and Videos taken using Cycorder. Its available on Cydia and Installer.

8. Cycorder: The best video recording application for iPhone. Video immediately available after recording. Available on Cydia.

9. GasBag: Okay i added this to my list coz i travel about 65 miles 2-3 days a week. This application gives the price of gas at close by gas stations on Google Map. You can also search for a given address and find cheap gas around that address. Available at App Store for FREE.

10. Google Earth: Yes its now available on iPhone and it more realistic. Available on App Store.

10. CToggle: Allows you to disable auto-correction. This is really helpful when you use lot of abbreviations. Its available on Cydia and Installer.

11. biteSMS: I think the best application for people who do lot of text messaging. Lets you type in the landscape mode and forward messages too. I haven’t tried their sms packages but you can always use the sms service provided by your carrier, Give it a shot. Available on Cydia and Installer. Don’t update to 3.0 which is a paid version with 30 days free trial. On Installer you can still get the 2.7 version.

12. Terminal: Similar to the Terminal on Mac, this gives a command prompt to work on iPhone. The number of commands availabe is not as extensive as what is avaiable on Mac but you can add extensions(ssh, gcc etc)  to this terminal for different command. Available on Cydia and Installer

List will be updated again if i find better applications….. A new post on how to upload ringtones to your iphone here

Does iPhone have Mac’s kernel?

The iPhone’s kernel and kexts are not identical to the Mac. For example, desktop Macs have kexts for the iSight camera, audio and video hardware, power and thermal management, and serial interfaces. The iPhone has no kext equivalents for any of these, despite having the hardware. The iPhone’s PPP.kext is also missing. For more go to: