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‘Push The Deals’  is a FREE iPhone/iPad App that helps find the best online and in-store deals. Loads of deals site to choose from. Just add them to your list and see all their latest deals. Using push notification you can be the first one to know about the new deals.

Download from the App Store using the below link :

App Store Link

Adding new deal site regularly.(suggest us more and we will add immediately)

Deal Sites include:




got apex
Free Stuff Times

Wow Coupons

Quickly look at all the deals. If you like a deal, select it and see its details.








Can move to the next and previous deals of the site easily. Purchases can be made form with in the App.








Email deals you like to friends.







New feature to search for keywords for all the deal sites . No more going through the entire list to find what you need.




Enable push notification for a given site, to be the first one to know about new deals.



Suggest a new shopping site and we will add it.





Download from the App Store using the below link :

App Store Link

Recent features added:

1. Share deals with friends on facebook, twitter, by email or sms.
2. Print and bookmark deals.
3. Refresh All for feeds.
4. Landscape mode for the entire app.
5. Mark all read for all deals.


Happy Shopping!!!!


7 thoughts on “Push The Deals

  1. Any possiblity of making your app compatible with os 3.0 as well? Are you using any 3.1 specific features? I don’t want to update to 3.1 for various reasons but would love to be able to use your app and I see many apps that still retain compatiblity with 3.0 as 3.1 really only adds the augmented reality feature for 3gs.

    Thanks great app(tried it out on a friends ipod touch) hoping I can use it myself =)

    • I am sorry I had some problems with table cells when compiling with 3.0. I will try to fix that and make the App compatible with 3.0. Thanks for trying out the App.

  2. Dude, you can have a graph as to what deals are popular based on what people usually click. You can have a separate Tab of your own in the App “Popular Deals”.

  3. Hi,

    How can i disable the vibrating feature in your app? I like the Push Deals app but i dont want to empty my iphone 4 battery ! So please let me know, how to use this app with push notifications without vibrating feature?

  4. If you are not in the silent mode you will get only a sound alert and no vibrate. If you still want to disable sound/vibrate for notifications from push the deals, open the settings app navigate to Notifications -> Push Deals and switch off sounds.

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